Gagliardi is a family-owned tailoring specialist brand based in Malta. The company’s physical presence is felt not only locally but also within various countries around the world. In February 2013, Gagliardi started trading in Dublin, Ireland. The list now extends to multiple outlets within Serbia, UK, and the latest addition, Poland. The store in Poland opened its doors on Thursday, 23rd May 2019 at the Galeria Młociny in Warsaw, exhibiting all that the brand stands for, with all the latest shop fits and in-store technology. This store is a prime showcase of how far the brand has come.

The Brief

Gagliardi is a family-owned tailoring specialist brand, based in Malta. They came to Born Digital with a number of requests.

  1. Speed Performance Optimization: Gagliardi had a slow, underperforming wordpress website. Consequently, Gagliardi’s initial website was not meeting its ambitious sales conversion targets.
  2. Web Design and Development: They came to Born Digital looking for an upgrade in their web design and development. The brief was to provide Gagliardi with a modern, new design. The use of an e-commerce CRM was also implemented.
  3. Custom Development Application: As their online business grew, they sought to (1) populate the website with a greater range of products — a range they wanted to have tightly integrated with their website display, thus displaying the items available and in correct stock quantities; (2) reduce their administrative lead time for order fulfilment when orders did take place.
  4. Shopping Cart Migration: Now, a fully established 7-figure online business, more advanced e-commerce strategies were being looked into as the brand sought to be ahead of the curve and to produce relationships and experiences for their customers. This is to be expected when shopping online for top brands, making the very first interactions which customers have with the brand crucial.

Let’s take an in depth look at how born digital tackled each of the above steps.

The Solution

  1. Speed Performance Optimization: Through a speed & performance optimization exercise and re-writing the product queries, this wordpress website began to produce sub second load speeds.
  2. Web Design and Development: Born built and developed a new WordPress website.
  • Born studied e-commerce CRM possibilities with the Gagliardi e-commerce team.
  • Born tightly integrated an e-commerce CRM application for Gagliardi to learn about their customers and to automate intelligent and personalised marketing at various touchpoints.
  1. Custom Development Application: Given the unique scenario in which Gagliardi is a Bortex brand, and one which is designed and manufactured by Bortex, the choice of ERP software used here is significant for various areas of the business:
  • Born offered consultation on the ERP application setup.
  • Born integrated the ERP Stock Control software for it to sync with the WooCommerce, WordPress website with specific business logic rules in place where stock was shared between physical stores.
  • Born optimised product meta-data and database queries to ensure performance remained optimal.
  • Born served Gagliardi with a Technical Response Time SLA to ensure that the business-critical website-ERP synchronizations were always working suitably.
  1. Shopping Cart Migration: We holistically studied the online business and the new requirements from Gagliardi. Here we arrived at an intersection point which pointed towards a Shopping Cart Migration.

Born offered Shopping Cart consultation and studied approaches and options most suitable to Gagliardi. Shopify Plus was the selected choice.

Born performed a Shopping Cart Migration, migrating all users, orders, existing web services and integrations.

  1. Stock control integration was also implemented. , with the logic here re-applied, invoicing, current business rules, product options as well as;
  2. A CRM integration was also required, creating further capabilities of interest to Gagliardi.

Born was required to produce Advanced Shopify modifications, developing using Liquid.

Finally, Born Digital enabled the use of multi-store approaches for the same product listing.

The Results

This yielded in an overnight hockey stick improvement for Gagliardi’s online sales.

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