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Shapelamp was founded in 2017 by two lifelong friends with the sole objective to provide a revolutionary new way to purchase a lamp fitting, designed by the customer, online. The Shapelamp website is a new, novel way to redecorate a home by providing an opportunity for anyone to create their own custom lighting to suit their personal tastes. The founders, an architect and an engineer, approached Born Digital with the challenges to merge their concepts for computational design and digital fabrication into an innovation software program with the e-commerce ability to handle orders, sales, and shipping.

The Brief

Shapelamp required an e-commerce website with a specialized program that allowed customers to design their own custom lamps.The cost of the service needed to reflect the different parameters and sizes of each lamp design but also involve manufacturing and delivery.

The Solution

– Update website and add an intuitive and easy to use specialized program for designing lampshaeds and lightning;
– Develop the e commerce portion of the website into a seamless online payment system;
– Highlight the main attraction of the service, the lamp creation creativity tool:
– Encourage users to purchase the designs they create by making the tools, manufacturing and shipping easy to use;
– Encourage safe transactions with secure checkout and numerous payment options;
– Develop additional pages of content. Describe product details, info about author, suggestions ect;

The Results

Shapelamp’s improved website by Born Digital is an award winning, intuitive and easy to use platform that focuses on products and the revolutionary design tool. The revamped website is able to accommodate customers perfectly and provides all the information they need about the products they design, manufacture, purchase and ship themselves. It’s one stop shopping customer satisfaction and that’s what Born Digital does best.

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